Naming convenition

Hello everyone,

Myself Abishek,

we facing a issue in naming convenition, looking for a support …

In maya ,
“When the ShotGrid File Save Window is opened the name of the scene file should automatically
take the Shot Scene Number with the Department Name i.e ANIM or RIG or CFX or TXT or
MDL(Modeling) followed by the Version No. but by Default it is showing Scene.

Name should be []

If we are trying to give the Naming Manually it is not responding due to the special characters
given in the Name I.e RN_108_0010_ANIM (Underscore is showing as an illegal Character)

which config file wil help to clear this issue?..

Hi Abishek,

you’ll need to change some of the templates in the templates.yml file so that they include the {Shot} and {Step} keys.

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