Mouseover thumbnails on Shots not updating after new Versions are uploaded

This is an issue that’s been confusing a number of users.
In order to explain this, a few distinctions:

When it comes to Shots & Versions there are 3 types of media associated with a thumbnail

  • A single-frame thumbnail - a single still image that displays by default without any user interaction
  • A mouse-over thumbnail - a series of stills that update based on horizontally mouseovers across the thumbnail.
  • Playable media that streams when a user clicks a thumbnail

When a new Version is uploaded to a Shot, ShotGrid makes the most-recently-uploaded Version the default single-frame thumbnail.

But the thumbnail that animates when mousing horizontally over that single-frame comes for the first-ever-uploaded Version.

Same for the playable media: On clicking a Shot thumbnail the media that plays is from the first-ever-uploaded Version.

That discrepancy is what’s been confusing to users who are trying to figure out why the single-frame thumbnail is out of sorts with the mouseover animation and click-to-play media.

Is there a way to get all three media elements – the single-frame thumb, the mouse-over thumb, and the click-to-play to a) all be the same, and b) be defined / updated in order to make things more user friendly for our users?