Missing New Config Sandbox option

I am trying to create a Dev Sandbox using Shotgrid Desktop v1.7.1. After selecting my project (which has an advanced configuration) I cannot find the “New config Sandbox” option anywhere. I’ll include a screen grab of what I see. Has something changed in v1.7.1? Thanks.

Hi Trevor,

New config sandbox is available for distributed configs, maybe your project is using a centralized config?.

Here is a post about distributed config management:

Hope that helps.


Thank you for the response. Indeed I am using a centralized config. That would explain it.
Appreciate it.


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There are various ways to go about doing dev work on centralized configs.

One option is to mak a centralized config a “distributed config on disk” and then settig up a dev desciptor in your pipeline configs that points to a folder with a git pull of your main config.
Then create branches to do your dev work in and switch when desired (but only pull from master in the Primary folder)

Using a centralized config, you can make the additional Pipeline Configuration on the website.
Make it point to a path on local disk. You can limit the config to only dev users, too.
Then in Desktop you can switch the configuration like with sigma3_dev in your example.
But I guess your question was just about creating configs from Desktop.

In our setup we just push from dev and pull to each project separately. With some small automation, this is a really powerful method - it lets you decide which projects need to hold off and which can be updated to latest. Some projects are on git branches from the start, with different configuration, depending on project requirements.

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