Clone option missing from pipeline configuration

The clone option seems to be missing from the Pipeline Configuration entries on our SG page. I am looking for suggestions why this might be.

  • a permission issue? The permissions I have are pretty broad but I can’t find any permission specifically related to cloning Pipeline Configurations.
  • Can’t with Distributed? I can’t find any docs stating this is a Centralized-only feature. I tried to tank push_configuration from a local sandbox (I thought this may be work the same as a clone(?)) and got this error,

TankError: Only one pipeline configuration for this project! Need at least two configurations in order to push. Please start by cloning a pipeline configuration inside of ShotGrid.

Seems this is the same issue a user had back in 2016. Unfortunately, no solution was posted.

Any help would be appreciated.

Cloning I think is only on centralized configs.
Because Distributed configs are not bound by files defining the config’s ID’s and install path.