Development environment setup and workflows

Hi guys;
I’m wondering what’s your setup and how do you manage it for development.
IDE, source control, workflow, etc…
I’m pretty new with Toolkit, so any tip, advice, or link to any related documentation will be appreciated.


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  • Github repo for toolkit config.
  • Pycharm as IDE and to handle VENV’s.
  • Branches per show and main branch as stable master.
  • Branches for dev work based on tickets.


Similar to Ricardo’s but different:

  • Local git repo for toolkit config - there is one central location on a local network drive, from which all projects can be updated.
  • Emacs for development - I built up a sizable collection of simple commands that allow me to e.g. start toolkit shells easily, start dccs with sg integration, etc. Hit me up if you ever decide on emacs.
  • Branches per show, merging common fixes from the main branch.
  • Developer Sandbox pipeline configuration - it is an additional configuration entity in ShotGrid (explained in link below), which only gets applied for specified users. It points to a local checkout of the tk config on my hard drive. Works fast, allows me to test everything before release.

There are some useful ideas here:

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