Maya Open - load references

Hey there,
When opening a maya scene through the classic file dalog, we can chose wether to load or not the references.
It can be way quicker to just load the references we need when opening a big scene.

Is there a way to let users do the same thing using SGTK File Open ?



Hey Ben,
Yes there is! Have a look at the hook (tk-multi-workfiles2).
Line 72ff:

elif operation == “open” :
cmds.file(file_path, open=True, force=True)

You could customize this hook and add the additional “loadNoReferences = True” flag to the file command to change the behaviour when opening the scene.

To let your users choose wheather to load references or not you could add an additional checkbox into the gui that controls the flag. Or you could just make two different versions of the app and create two SG-menu options like “File open with ref” and “File open without ref”.

I hope that gives you a start.


Hey jonase, thanks for your answer.

Do you know where I can find the files to modify in order to take control of the gui? Adding a checkbox would be ideal.

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You can find the UI and according Python files here:

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Awesome, thanks!