Live review: relocating local media

I may be fuzzy on some of the intended workflows implied with RV’s live review feature. If we’ve got multiple remote participants in a shared review session each with their own local copy of a piece of source media (movie or image sequence), then it’s essential that there is complete parity on the pathing to the media for all users. In practice though, remote users will rarely have matching directory structures and there’s not a lot of enforcement options to get them in sync. For those instances, using the “Relocate Movie or Image Sequence…” option in the file menu is a great recourse for the users to manually specify the location of their media. Only catch is, this action is hard to isolate to just the user who invokes it; the “Presenter” will automatically push all “media-relocated” events to all participants.
I imagine there’s probably a custom package we could write to intercept these events, but the fact that we have this behavior feels either like an oversight in the design of live review or some best practice/workflow we’re misunderstanding?