List fields : how can I have per project choices


I have defined a custom field on Shot entities. My custom field ‘review colorspace’ is a list field. I have configured it with some items (see pic). The thing is, I would want to customize this list of choices as well as the default value per project. Is this possible ?

IOW : in the screengrab you can see that I have ‘sRGB’, ‘ArriRec709’, ‘RedRec709’, … I want to add some other choices here, but that would only be relevant to this particular project, and I don’t want to ‘pollute’ all my projects with those choices.


It’s not possible with a single global field.
The field can itself can be visible/hidden per project but not the list items.
Simplest solution is to have per-project copies of this field: “[Proj1] Review Colorspace”

Ok, that’s a bit disappointing :slight_smile: We have around 50 projects per year. Making a custom field for each seems not very convenient. I have seen that other people had the same feature request. I hope this would be implemented by the SG team.


You can automate this though, with an event listener or webhook.
And if a project status is set to archive or something you could have a process clean up the fields that are no longer required if you so wish.

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