Limitations of the Publisher


Sorry if there’s a place with this information already, I wasn’t able to find here or in the traditional documentation.

I’m implementing a validation pipeline for our assets and I would like to clarify some doubts for the Publisher.

  1. Is is possible to dynamically create PublishTasks or PublishItems after collection?
  2. Is it possible to make a collected item not “enabled”? I see I can do it for a particular plug-in, but that’s irrelevant since the actual item can be changed which in turn change the plug-in setting.
  3. Is it possible to create PublishTasks at collection time? Can they be all from the same publish plug-in?

I think that’s it from now.



Hey Sorry we haven’t got back to you on an answer for this one.

I think it might be a no for all three of those, but I want to confirm with an engineer.

I remember trying this once but could not make it work.

Hi everyone,

I have some answers… and some questions about your questions. :slight_smile:

First of all, I’d like to address your second question about the enable/disable flag. You are correct, disabling an item only disables the publishes for now. This issue is on our radar, but unfortunately I can’t provide an ETA for a fix.

As for your other two questions, the answer is unfortunately no, but could you share with us what you are attempting to do by creating publish items and tasks outside of the collection loop (1) or creating publish tasks during the collection loop (3)? Maybe there’s another way to achieve the same result?




I’m making a validation pipeline for assets. I would like to, for example, have custom UI in the publisher that would control the validation process, specifically creating items depending on what the user chooses.

There are certainly other ways, for example making your own UI. I asked in the hopes I could avoid reinventing the wheel.


Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve shared your request for custom UI in the Publisher that can control the validation process and subsequently create publish items with our product team. I wouldn’t expect that feature to show up anytime soon – ie, if you’re in the process of building something, I’d go ahead with it – but we are aware of the request, and appreciate your sharing it with us. :blush: