Standalone publish, Task and entity link


Is it possible to update the task and entity link on the standalone publisher through hook overrides? Based on the name and type of what I am publishing I would like to set the entity and task.




Yeah, that is possible.
The simple answer is you would want to take over the collector hook, and set the item context.

There are a couple of other posts around doing this:

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Ah okay, so you update the item.context in the collector and the UI automatically updates to reflect this. In the end I just set the context in the publish_file to avoid any user errors.

Great, thanks.


If you would like your users to not be able to change the context, then you can set: item.context_change_allowed = False in the collector as well as setting the desired context.
That will hide the context picker widget in the UI.


If you have multiple items, the UI is disabled for each item but then there is a Publish Summary where you can set the context for all items. Is it possible to disable this as well? I’m setting the context at publish time so it’s not a major issue, but might be confusing to users.

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