Fix misleading tk-multi-publish2 "items added" message

Anyone else run into the odd standalone publisher message where there’s no tasks added but it says “items were added”?

I’ve submitted a PR for it but basically it’s just a quick 1 line fix:

Sounds to me like there may have been an error thrown during collection. Check the DCC’s output/console.

It’s not necessarily to do with errors during collection, but rather, whether the PublishTask plugins actually accept the PublishItem fed in during the “acceptance phase”

  1. Collectors pick up PublishItems, so if any are discovered, great, but otherwise, they shouldn’t care about what PublishTasks will do
  2. Then, it is up to each PublishTask plugin to choose whether they will accept publishing that PublishItem found by the collector. They can absolutely refuse to accept a PublishItem without error if they deem it not suitable
  3. Finally, the GUI logic will take the collected published items passed through all the publish tasks and build the publish item tree

The fix just focuses on the GUI part, where previously it was just checking if any items are collected, rather than if any tasks accepted any of the items that are collected

I see, so this was an item that did not have any publish plugins to accept it? I agree this looks like a bug, that the log says “One item”.

Indeed! The wording “One Item” in the screenshot is correct technically when it comes debugging, but as a artist user experience, it’s misleading because there’s nothing in the items tree when the message sets the expectation for there to be something in the items tree

Yeah, I get what you’re saying. There are a few possibilities, e.g. it might say “One item added with 0 tasks” or something along those lines.
Ultimately the Shotgun guys should decide on the proper wording.