Tk-multi-publish2 - 'context' object is not callable

I’m getting a weird glitch in my collector script.

item.context_change_allowed = True

The parent item’s context widget shows and says “Loading…”, the item’s context widget never shows up.
If I select the parent item again the widget is gone.


I am correct to assume that above command will show the context change widget in the publisher2 ui?

tk-multi-publish2: v2.5.0 (also earlier version v2.3.8)
Core: Latest 19.xx and previous 18.xx
The Publisher runs in Nuke 11.3v6.


Hey @Ricardo_Musch!
Yeah that is correct, setting that should show the widget, in fact that was discussed here recently.

However, have you got an item as a child of another item?
Please could you show a screengrab of your hierarchy?
Joe’s post in my link says that it doesn’t work for nested items, and he’s made a PR for that, which we have logged.



Yes my items are children of a parent item indeed!

I’ll have a go at doing them without that!

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OK I apologise for the inconvenience, hopefully we’ll get to that PR at somepoint.