Licensing and Support changes are an unmitigated failure

The changes to licenses and support over the last 6 months are an unmitigated failure. Every day is constant unrelenting issues with Shotgrid. Whoever the executive at Autodesk who came up with this fabulous plan - should be fired.

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What licensing issues are you running into?

We use Flame and we have different artists logging in the same machine. When one artist logs off Linux and the next artist logs in Linux then Flame - Flame will prompt the new artist to log into Shotgun however the prompts are using the old log in method so they do not work. All artists have the personal token setup for Shotgun and all artists are able to log into Shogun Desktop. Also the log in window under the Shotgun tab in Flame is using the old log in window. These issue coupled with constant sight slow downs and errors and the added hassle of the new licensing scheme = not a good user experience.

I can’t comment on Flame as I dont use it so have no idea what your experience looks like.

As for license scheme, I wonder if you are trying to administer Sg licenses from the Autodesk site itself? As in, assign licenses to people from there?

Because the recommended way is to manage everything from ShotGrid’s people page except for when you need to upscale or downscale your seat count.