Issue tracker capability

Hello! I’m new to Shotgrid and I need an issue tracker for my team. I’m wondering if there might be a way to set something simple like that up.

All I need is to have a page in Shotgun where a user can document an issue they are having somehow, maybe other users can add their name to the topic… maybe when I resolve the issue I could mark it as resolved or reply or something so the team can know. Possible?


Here you go:


Hmm I wonder if this could be used for general issues on a show like per episode issues.

Yes tickets link to a project.

As someone who used the SG tickets in the past I can say that this is actually the most annoying part of the tickets. They are CustomProjectEntities, so they are strictly bound to a project and you cannot see them in other projects. Sure you can create custom pages that show all the tickets, but that can also get pretty annoying to pass around. Not to mention that tickets vanish from the search algorithm as soon as the attached project is archived. The issue actually is, that the vast majority of tickets we had, were not project specific,but on a more global scale.
My honest suggestion is to start with the tickets from scratch and build them from a CustomNonProjectEntity. You will save yourself a lot of nerves. And if you take the existing tickets as a reference, it should not take too long to build.


PS: we have moved away from them entirely and I do not regret it at all. However it does seem to be the right solution to your needs.

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May I ask out of interest what you are using now? :smiley:

I use them internally for pipeline tickets on our pipeline dev project.
Tickets and comms with artists would go via another system.

@Ricardo_Musch We’ve been using GitHub issues for all pipeline internal tickets and I love the integration between the repos, branches, releases and workflows that GitHub has to offer. Especially the gh command is a treat. Compared to Jira or other ticketing systems it might not be as powerful, but for us I see it actually as an advantage.
The artist communication is handled via slack and that’s it. Works for us quite well. My (I think rather unpopular) opinion is that artists should not be writing tickets. Only technical people should. What do you use to talk to artists?

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Currently use a minglemash of solutions .

Lansweeper Helpdesk:
Not ideal but it does email support

Shotgrid Tickets

  • clunky interface but at least its easy to change layouts and record all the info needed
  • timelogs inside the Sg ecosystem
  • easy pipeline integration
  • used for internal ticketing, not artist facing

con: Lacks Email support features


  • free tier but don’t like the interface

For artist/client facing technical communication I want to move to Zendesk.
They are expensive but it’s very well made and very easy to have big overview of all your stuff.

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