Is it possible to grant a script permission to delete Person (HumanUser) entities?

My organization has the specific need to be able to add and delete users via the ShotGrid API, but in the “permissions - script” tab it has the ‘delete’ permission for people greyed out and set to (custom).

Is there a way that I can fully enable it?

Any advice is appreciated.

Hi @jjperez !

As far as I know deleting users is not possible in general. You can only deactivate them. The reason being for example the “created_by” and “updated_by” fields would not list anyone when you would be able to delete the entered user. By deactivating you can at least trace who did something to an entity, even when the artist left long ago.
I hope that makes sense.


Custom means its a conditional permission which may or may not be changed via a support ticket.

However as mentioned, its not advised to Delete a user since historial information on a project will then not be accesible. For example, a Version would say: Deleted User created version xxxx.

Instead we enable or disable users as that is a better way for such a system.

Enabling a user requires the api to be authenticated as a ShotGrid admin since it consumes a license from Autodesk Identity.
You can do this by making that script use an Admin’s PAT instead of a script user.
Script Users cannot activate a SG user. I’m not sure if they are also unable to deactivate.