Integrate Arnold render in SG

There any future plans to integrate the Arnold render in Maya/Houdini like the SG-Mantra in Houdini ?
SG and Arnold are both Autodesks now :wink:
Many thanks

You mean like path generation etc?

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Now there is a “SG_Mantra” in Houdini (tk-houdini-mantranode, tk-alembicnode…), will be nice to have a “SG_Arnold” and we can tweak like the “tk-nuke-writenode” :wink:

There is a third-party repository on GitHub for Houdini and Arnold that I wanted to test out since forever: GitHub - nfa-vfxim/tk-houdini-arnold: A Shotgun Toolkit app to render in Houdini with the Arnold render engine and Deadline.
Maybe you can have a stab at it and see if it works :slight_smile:

Cheers Fabian

Thanks Fabian, is a non comercial Houdini OTL :frowning:
I don’t now the proper way, or if there is a way to convert to a normal Houdini OTL.

Ah, that’s a shame! Don’t know either how to do that!
Well, it was worth a try…

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