Include internal version link in email notifications


email noitifications are still quite basic and would seriously benefit from a major design overhaul.
The single most useful tweak though would be to includ a button that links to respective version in the webplayer (assuming the relevant note was linked to a version).
Same link as you get when you use “Copt Internal Link” in the Media page’s right click menu.
Same could work for playlists, not sure if this could be made to automatically show multiple versions in Screening Room as well?!

Point being, when somebody received a note about a new version/playlist, they are most likely to want to look at it as a first reaction. However, that option is not included in the email notifications, which causes many people to just ignore them.

Any thoughts?

P.S.: please don’t ask me to log a feature request on that opaque road map page :wink: This should long be logged as it has come up multiple times over the years

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