Demystifying Client Review Site Notifications

I’ve made a Playlist and shared it via the Client Review Site. How do I make sure everyone gets notified of new comments/Notes?

  1. For any users who wish to receive email notifications on Client Review Site Playlists, you must invite those users to the shared Playlist. These can be either internal Shotgun users or Client Users. HOT TIP: As the creator/sharer of a Playlist on the CRS, you will most reliably receive email notifications if you also invite yourself. For Internal users you invite (including yourself), you can choose not to set a password to alleviate extra steps for accessing the shared Playlist (but consider your security needs as well).

  2. The email notifications internal users need for the CRS are the top 2 under “Email Notifications”. The first notification option is to receive the Note updates, and the second option is for when a Version is “Approved” using the green Approve button in the CRS. For any invitee of a Playlist, the email style of the notifications will have a black background with the Playlist name at the top, similar to the email you receive when the Playlist is shared with you.

If my Client Users don’t have a Shotgun login, how can they see what their notification settings are?

But what about Artists, how do notifications work if they have Versions in a Client Review Site Playlist?

  1. If an artist has Versions in a CRS Playlist they will receive SG Inbox notifications (not Email) if:
  • they are allowed to see Client Notes (related docs) AND
  • they have an assigned Task linked to that Version - this is required.
  1. Artists will receive EMAIL notifications if you also check:
  • Email me whenever I receive a note under the “Email Notifications” heading OR
  • Email me about Notes that I’m involved in....

If you check both, then they will receive 2 notifications for the same Note, but the emails will have a slightly different visual format. This is because “More Notification” options are related to our Legacy notification system, and “Email Notifications” are related to the newer Global Following/CRS related notifications (see first notification options image above).

  • I’d recommend checking Email me whenever I receive a note for anything related to the Client Review Site.

  • Artists will never receive “Approval” emails unless they are invited to the Playlist (This is the green Approve button in the CRS for each Version).

  • If you invite an Artist internal user to a Playlist, then they will receive notifications as the first group mentioned above.

  • If Artists are able to see Client Notes under their app permission settings, they will also be able to go to a Note page and see Notes related to their Versions from the CRS as well, no notifications needed if you prefer.

Hope that helps clarify CRS notifications!



Hello, this is really helpful clarification, thank you. I have a user that would like to get notifications when a client adds a note to a version linked to a task assigned to them, but it seems to me that client notes don’t trigger notifications like internal notes do. is there some way around this? The user has a role that is allowed to view client notes.