Client review site external user links


i’ve been sending through playlists to clients along with a notification email (to tell them i have sent the playlist)

for reasons, SG uses 2 different links for external/internal users when a client review site playlist is sent.

we would love to be able to put the external client link (that anyone can open) into the email we send so that anyone who gets tagged into the thread later can easily access the playlist.

but as it stands the only way to get that link to to first send the playlist to an external user, and then copy the link into the email, which is a rather ugly soloution.

does anyone know if i am missing a simple solotion this?


Unfortunately there isn’t a way to get a single link for a playlist shared on the client review site. The client review site is intended for only the specified external users. Each client receives their own unique url to access a playlist shared to the client review site, so they will need to go by the email link that is provided directly to them.

As an internal user, from the client review site you can re-share the playlist link with a client if they lose track of their emails, but they will still receive the link by auto-generated email and not as a link provided to you that you can then put in an email.

A single playlist link is only available to internal users for the internal playlist. The clients would need to be users on your ShotGrid site.