I would like to control the permissions to view the Version (video) displayed on the Overview page

I have a question regarding the specifications of the Overview page.

I have created an Entity page (e.g. learning-hub entity) for a closed video asset library. I then uploaded some videos as a Version. I was planning to improve the library page by creating a closed environment first, with only Administrator access to the Entity.

But when I looked at the Overview, I was surprised. Because the learning-hub Entity page was closed to everyone except the Administrator, but the Overview page allowed everyone to see the videos.

Is there a way around this?

I don’t want to have a video (version) that is uploaded to a page that only the Administrator has access to be visible to everyone on the Overview page.


Versions are not actually uploaded into a page.
They are in a Project as they are a ProjectEntity and can be linked to anything.

Is what you seek maybe easily solvable by creating a new project that nobody else has access to?

Hi Ricard,
Thank you for your reply!

Is what you seek maybe easily solvable by creating a new project that nobody else has access to?

I don’t want to create new projects. I want to create the new Entity (learning-hub) in an existing project and share the videos with only a few members. (I don’t want to show them to outsourcers or publishers) Is this possible?

My problem is that the learning-hub entity is only visible to Administrator, but when I go to the Overview page, everyone can see the Version video that I uploaded. (This is a very serious problem).

In that case you’ll have to look at permissions and possibly request Autodesk support to add conditional permissions to you site so versions linked to a Learning Hub entity record are only visible to a specific group of users.

By default ShotGrid’s permission system is Project based so all users assigned to a project can see the versions inside that project, regardless of their linkage.

(Except users with Vendor permissions as their permissions are, by default, set to only be able to view versions they are linked to.)

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