How to unlock an account?

Hello, could you please guide me on how to unlock the credentials?


Sure, np. :smiley_cat:
To help ensure the security of our clients’ sites, accounts, and content, Shotgun has a policy for the scenario where a User tries and fails to log in to a site too many times. After 10 unsuccessful login attempts, the User’s account will be locked, but as an admin you can reset the account to unblock him/her.

Take a look at the doc

Locked user accounts from failed logins

*Make also sure to delete the entry on the Locked Until field

When a User is locked out, Shotgun stores this information in the “Locked Until” field on the HumanUser entity. Admins can also unlock a User by editing this field, which is a date/time field.
Deleting the entry on this field will unlock the account. (It gets triggered after multiple failed login attempts.)