How to setup custom widget to display status changes over time

Is there a way i can setup a design page that displays the movement/changes of statuses that have been done in a Phase?
I want to display the velocity/progress done in a phase to judge the speed of progress in each phase, but I can’t figure out a way to set it up.
Any help is appreciated!


Following this as it seems very usefull.

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There are a few ways you could go about this, but to do it in the UI, you’d need to be able to trawl through EventLogEntry records (the only place where changes of that kind are stored with timestamps), but that entity is unavailable for widgets (mostly because it would be very easy to shoot yourself in the foot there). However, that wouldn’t prevent you from (and this is a clunky idea, there might be a better way to do it) writing an EventDaemon trigger that could grab that data and store it in a CustomEntity or CusomNonProjectEntity, and graph that data.


Yeah Everyone always forgets about the Event Daemon or Webhooks.
It’s pretty much a great way to add anything custom.

That sounds really cool for sure, though setting up something like that is very extensive, and Webhooks cost service money to host them as far as i am aware :sob:
i’ve been trying to make sense of the developer documentation for days now and don’t understand 80% of it so that’s a me problem then.