How to define an app that runs in every dcc/context?

If I made a custom app that I would like to load in every DCC (and perhaps also in tk-desktop/tk-desktop2), how/where would I define this without having to edit all config files to add the app?


Hi Ricardo –

I don’t think this is possible.

An include represents the value for some setting in your environment config. The setting in question here is the apps: setting on the engine, but its value is the list of all apps defined for that engine, so you couldn’t bring in just one app of several with an include.

Having said that, you could of course bring in the app and its settings, but you’d still need to add a line in the engine block for the app (as we do all over our configs). I’m referring to something like this:

where all the settings for loader2, publish2, screeningroom, etc. are coming in from includes, but you do need to have the line to define each app.