Tk-shotgun custom apps launch in their own environment?

It appears that the custom apps in tk-shotgun, specifically those that appear in the context menu for an entity in shotgrid web browser, launch in their own environment since I do not have access to any of our studio packages. This does not happen with other apps that launch as part of other engines like tk-maya/tk-rv, etc.
Is there some way to get the custom apps to launch within the studio environment or be able to set this environment somewhere so that studio packages and modules are available for use?

The first question would be, where are you setting your studio packages/libraries?
If thats in the before_app_launch hook then indeed that is not run for custom apps in tk-shotgun.

Thanks for responding @Ricardo_Musch!

This custom app is linked to the shotgrid desktop’s config, which has the studio packages/libraries loaded. Launching Maya (tk-maya) or RV (tk-rv) from shotgrid desktop has all of the studio’s packages loaded, but tk-shotgun apps don’t appear to load them.

Yes however where do your libraries get added to the environment?

if thats in before_app_launch then its logical that they are not in your tk-shotgun env because before_app_launch is not triggered for tk-shotgun app launches.

This happens through a custom framework that sets up the environment. This custom framework is referenced in tk-shotgun.yml. This is how it seems to be working for tk-rv, tk-maya, etc. There is no before_app_launch setup for any of this. Should the tk-shotgun be setup differently?

Without being able to look at your config in detail its hard to judge but I guess you’ll need to invoke that framework in your custom tk-shotgun apps or invoke it somewhere before it launches.