How to deal with Variants of Single Asset

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been searching the forums for existing conversations on this topic but really can’t seem to find any relevant ones.

I am wondering how everyone is dealing with publishing Asset Variants?

For Example,

Asset name : myFlag

In the myFlag maya file, I would traditionally have the baseMesh and shader/lookdev for say my french flag.
The client suddenly decides the crowd should have flags for say 5 different countries.

myFlag would remain the same, but I would then have myFlag_Ireland, myFlag_Spain etc… published from this single asset file into variant publishes.

I know there is a subAsset workflow, but as far as I can see you cannot publish from myAsset to mySubAsset.

It would be a terrible waste of time to have to split off every single variant to its own maya file etc.

I would love to hear how everyone is getting around this problem?

Thanks for your time,