How to manage variants?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had a good method to manage variants in Shotgun and its integration. I suppose you create a custom Entity, and add it on AssetShotConnections for casting and on PublishedFiles for file management? Or maybe you connect it on the Shot’s Task?
I’m curious to know about your experience on this :slightly_smiling_face:.


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Hi Alex,

I’ve moved yout post over to the “Shotgun” category so it’ll get seen by the right folks. Just wanted to let you know.

Hi, Alex :wave:

Happy New Year :partying_face: I can only recall seeing this less than a handful of times (though I know this is not an uncommon workflow). I’ve mostly seen others use a custom entity to manage this (for example, with an Asset), then set up a hierarchy so that the variant is a child to of the Asset. I don’t have any other details around how this works with File Management. Are you using Toolkit with this? What are some details of the requirements you need for this workflow?


Hi Tram,

Yes, we’re using Toolkit for this, that’s why I originally posted my message in the corresponding section ;).

I realized since I posted my message that “variant” could be understood as an Asset variant that will be cast in some Shots, or as the scene variant when an alternative version of a scene has to be experimented.

For the first one, we need a CustomEntity, I suppose, that should be connected to the casting somehow.

For the second one, I suppose a field in the PublishedFile will be sufficient.



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Ah! Sorry for the confusion! I’ll move this over to the integrations category so we can get some additional eyes here :slight_smile:

Maybe you can treat it as a parent asset with a list of child assets. Because variant is just multiple representations at the same area of namespace like scene assembly node in Maya.