How do I install RV packages for my entire studio?

Packages in RV can be managed through rvpkg tool that comes bundled with RV under RV_INSTALL_PATH/bin/rvpkg . A couple of notes:

  • RV will look in $RV_SUPPORT_PATH env variable for the config files, otherwise fall back to the default support path. You can define $RV_SUPPORT_PATH to point to a central network location so that everyone can access it. You can check your RV_SUPPORT_PATH by running rvpkg -env .
  • Now, you can run rvpkg -list (Note, I’m using AlexaLogC as an example, and your commands might be slightly different, depending on where your $RV_SUPPORT_PATH is defined):
$ /Applications/ -list
I L - 1.5 "Example_Package_AlexaLogC_In_Linearize_Pipeline" /Users/zalipya/Library/Application\ Support/RV/Packages/Example_Package_AlexaLogC_In_Linearize_Pipeline-1.5.rvpkg
  • Then enable that package by default, which will create an rvload2 file under RV_SUPPORT_PATH/Packages/rvload2 . This is your config for autoloading.
$ /Applications/ -optin /Users/zalipya/Library/Application\ Support/RV/Packages/Example_Package_AlexaLogC_In_Linearize_Pipeline-1.5.rvpkg

There’s further documentation rvpkg here: Chapter 9 - RV Package System


Hi Alexaz,
It feels like this is very close to what I am trying to set up for my studio.

I’m trying to add a path to a network directory to the $RV_SUPPORT_PATH so that everyone can load an OICO config.

First off Im struggling to add the path. In a shell I’m using:
rvpkg -include <path\to\network\directory>

Which returns ‘ERROR: use -help for usage’

I looked at the help but didn’t seem to help my cause with my limited knowledge :confused:

Any pointers greatly appreciated


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Wanted to add this here for closure. The above question has been answered here: