Launching RV with plugins from network path and force loaded

I’m looking for the best entry point to launch OpenRV process so that it has specific additional packages/plugins available and have them auto-load on launch. What’s the best way to do so?

I’ve played a bit with RV_SUPPORT_PATH but it has the downside that it’s also the path where RV writes into with e.g. certain configuration/settings and it also “installs” packages into it - which once that’s done it can also autoload it next launch which is nice. I’m mostly just looking to set an environment variable that says “here are the available packages” like as if from a network share and then launch RV so that it installs and loads the package when launching RV (in such a way that it doesn’t require an additional restart of RV). Or is the primary recommendation to still use RV_SUPPORT_PATH only? Or should I run rvpkg executable first?

Preferably it’s also a path that might be obfuscated to the user so that e.g. when installing a package they tend to not see it as one of the folders to install to?

@Ricardo_Musch anything you might have pointers for?

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