How Do I Batch Add Caveats to Each Clips Shared With Client via Client Review Site(CRS)?

Usually when sharing works via CRS with clients, you would like to add some caveats on each vide clips? How do we do?


There is no way to configure custom field on CRS page, but the Reason for Review fields. It show up on CRS (Client Review Site) whenever there is content in that field.

You could import content on Reason for Review field through the Playlist Versions Connection Entity .

See the gif attached as a guide:

As you can see in the gif, you need to:

  • create the playlist and then add versions to that playlist first
  • then go to the PlaylistConnectionEntity and filter out PlaylistConnectionEntity you would like to edit by selecting certain playlists
  • Export them first and then update the Reason for Review fields with your caveats
  • Import them back (with Id and Reason for Review columns) to batch import content for Reason for Review field Then, your notes/comments will show up on each video clip.

If you do not see Playlist Versions Connections entity, login as ad admin and then go to admin menu-> Site Preference->Advanced->Enable List Pages for Connection Entity Types: , and then add PlaylistVersionConnection separate with a comma. Save the changes and do a hard refresh of the page.

And then you should be able to see Playlist Version Connections in Others folder.


Great tip Ben! Another convenient place to expose the “Reason for Review” field is on the Playlist detail page, Versions tab. Insert a column and scroll down to the “Playlist-Specific Fields” to find “Reason for Review.” This has the added benefit of having the list of Versions be scoped to just this specific Playlist.