How can I quickly tell who changed what on my Shotgun site?

How can I quickly tell who changed what on my Shotgun site? Like who changed a Shot status? And how a Task assignment has changed?"


Everything that happens in Shotgun creates a Shotgun event, and all the events are logged. You can see the events in your site by looking at the history tab on any entity page or go to the Event Log Entries page for a full record.

With that, let’s get back to the questions: how can we quickly tell who changed a Shot status?

You can right click on the Assigned to field of any Task and select “View Assigned To History” - this will tell you who has been assigned to it in the past. You will need to do this on each Task though. This works for most fields on Shotgun.

Alternatively, if you want to find all Task Assigned To History on a single Shot or Asset, you can go to your Project’s Event Log page in the “Other” menu in the Project Navigation bar. Then you can create a Saved Filter in the Filter Panel similar to the one below to find all task assignment updates for that Shot.

Additionally, the “History” tab on a Detail page can be created for any entity if it doesn’t already exist. You just need to go to the Detail page > Page Settings > Design Page, and add a new Tab of “Event Log Entries”. Then make sure the saved filter includes “Link is Current [Entity]”.

Check for more information of Shotgun Event Log Entries.