How can I publish images from Photoshop against a Sequence?


I would like to publish images from Photoshop against a Sequence, therefore add a sequence step / tab to the file loader and file open dialog (like illustrated here below)
How can I achieve this?

Thank you!

Hi @mpepe!
I know you mentioned editing the loader and open dialog, but is it just the publishing you really want to change to be stored at a sequence level, or do you also want to be saving work files against the sequence as well?

hi @philip.scadding,

ideally, i’d like to replicate the entire asset context work and publish workflow, you are correct.

Following this as I’m looking into it too.

Hi @mpepe,

Sounds like you are needing the sequence environment to be setup like your shot step and asset step environment, @philip.scadding is much more knowledgeable about all of this, but if you check out the documentation about Custom Environments, the setup is similar to what you need but you would utilise the sequence.yml rather than making a new one.

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OK Great, thanks for confirming. @DavidMason is correct, you should already have a sequence.yml file in your config which you’ll need to modify.

Basically you need to add the relevant engine and apps to that environment.

  1. You need to add the Photoshop engine to the sequence.yml.

    • In the includes section you would add: - ./includes/settings/tk-photoshopcc.yml
    • In the engines section, you would add: tk-photoshopcc: "" (This setting doesn’t exist yet in the tk-photoshopcc.yml but you’ll create it in the next step)
  2. Open up the tk-photoshopcc.yml and duplicate either the or block, and rename it to (for the sake of the rest of the steps, lets say we picked the shot_step settings to copy.

  3. Now you need to do basically the same step again for the apps. Modify this line to become tk-multi-workfiles2: "".

  4. Open the tk-multi-workfiles2.yml, and duplicate that code block and rename it to

  5. You will need to update the template settings in the new block, to point to the relevant sequence templates.

    • If you haven’t created any sequence templates so far, then now is the time to do it. Duplicate up the following templates in the templates.yml photoshop_shot_publish, shot_publish_area_photoshop, photoshop_shot_work, and shot_work_area_photoshop. Replace “shot” with “sequence” in the duplicated template names, and repath them to somewhere in the sequence folder in your schema. You may need to modify your schema to suit your needs as well. Then update the workfiles settings to use these new templates.
  6. Add a new tab to the workfiles settings, to allow picking of sequences. Something like:

    - caption: Sequences
     entity_type: Sequence
     hierarchy: [code]

    You will also want to add this sequence tab to your asset_step and shot_step settings blocks assuming you are still wanting to use them.
    Also as the photoshop engine uses a generic settings block for project settings, you will need to duplicate up the settings block and rename it, add the sequence tab settings, and set the engine to use the new settings block in a project environment.

  7. Repeat step 3 onwards for the rest of the apps, making sure to create new templates and modify appropriate settings when they need to be different for a sequence environment.

Those steps should guide you in the right direction, let us know if you hit any stumbling blocks.
I may have missed something.