How can I audit who has access to media on my Shotgun site?

With everyone working from home, how can I audit who access media on my Shotgun site?


You could Enable File View Logging in Site Preference->Advanced section. When this preference is enabled, Shotgun will create an Event Log entry each time a file is viewed by a user, including in the review tools and Screening Room app.

If a user downloads a Version (including via Uploaded Movie, Uploaded Movie MP4 and Uploaded Movie WebM fields) or a File entity, it is reflected in the Event Log Entries for your site. The identifying words that you want to look for in the Event Summary field are “accessed URL”. This terminology comes up when someone right clicks on a Version or File and “Saves link as” indicating a download. The Event Type changes whether it’s a Version or a File that is accessed so the Event Summary is the most reliable place to look.

You can troll your EventLogEntries for this data to get a snapshot of who is doing what by creating an EventLogEntry page with a saved filter that contains:

If you don’t put a time restriction on the page, since you have so many events, it’s going to have a hard time searching through ALL of them.