Hiero workfiles2 freezing

I’ve got an odd issue with Hiero.
I’m using the latest pipeline config release, and have tested with both 12.2v3 and 13.1v3. I’m testing on windows 10.
If I open Hiero, and then select the empty scene and SG save-as. If I attempt to edit the filename, workfiles2 freezes.
I’ve tested with the projects root on the file-share and on a local drive. The same issue.
Can anyone recreate this error? Nothing is being saved to any logs when the issue occurs, I just get a freeze immediately after the filter_work_files hook is fired.

Is this normal for a default config?
It feels like workfiles2 doesn’t like being in a project context without an context.entity.

Aha! I knew this felt familiar.
It turns out that enabling debug logging in SG crashes workfiles2 in hiero. :face_exhaling:
I assume it’s a non threadsafe thing going on.
I’m pretty sure I logged this as a bug a few years ago. I’ll need to check my old support site tickets.

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Are you sure you are using the latest tk-nuke?

I think that logging bug was fixed sometime ago.

Hey Ricardo,
Yea definitely latest tk-nuke.