Frameserver error in HieroPlayer

I’m not sure if this is SG specific, but it does seem to be.
If I launch hieroPlayer vanilla, there’s no problem.
If I launch hieroPlayer from SG I get this error spamming the script editor panel output pane :
[WARNING]: Nuke Frame Server was not reachable.
[WARNING]: Nuke Frame Server was not reachable.
[WARNING]: Nuke Frame Server was not reachable.
and this repeats every second.

I’ve switched off loading all of our customisations with the sg launch, but it’s still doing it. The only thing that appears to determine whether I get this error is whether or not I launch via SG.

I’ve also searched all our code-base and there’s no sign of this warning anywhere.

Does Shotgun’s logger unhide some hidden logging from within HieroPlayer?

Any ideas?

and ofcourse, as soon as I write this, I find the source of this within Nuke’s own code-base.

Looks like I can disable it with

from hiero.core import log

Although that’s disabling debug logging at the app level.

It appears to be set in the tk-nuke engine here :

# Sends the message to error console of the DCC
        if self.hiero_enabled:
            import hiero

            if record.levelno >= logging.ERROR:
            elif record.levelno >= logging.WARNING:
            elif record.levelno >= logging.INFO:

Yea, this is a bug.
If I revert hiero’s logging level, if I interact with SG, even with debug logging disabled, it switches hiero’s logging level back so the spam returns.

PR submitted : Update by reformstudios · Pull Request #79 · shotgunsoftware/tk-nuke · GitHub

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