Hiero Export - CDL Registration


I just found the tk-hiero-export and after many minutes of puzzling at the magic and the mystery I managed to get it working.

Most of my goofs were related to not knowing how Hiero work, however I had a few notes and questions.

Firstly, I have decided to use {track} instead of {clip} for the template mappings because as far as I can tell, you can’t change the clip name within Hiero (Would love someone to tell me I am wrong!). Is this wild, wacky and out there? @editors how would you organize your timeline if you have multiple plates per shot?

The second question is around CDL and colour data.
I previously had an ingestion tool that I wrote that would ingest colour files and register them as published files. These published files were then loaded inside of Nuke using the tk-multi-loader2 app.
It’s quite nice!

I am trying to think of how I might get something like that in tk-hiero-export.
I can load in CDLs as soft effects but I don’t know the best way to do something with that data.
My initial thoughts would be around running logic in the hook_post_version_creation hook, however I no longer have context of the task and item at that point.

hook_get_extra_publish_data might work, I have context of the task and item. I can then extract either the CDL data (or the path to the CDL file if it’s using a path), create a new PublishedFile, move it to the correct place and continue on my way.

Does that seem crazy?

Also cheers to whoever the poor developer was that had to spend that much time in the Hiero api. It’s a rough one and I am glad I do not have to touch it!


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