Hashsum of uploaded movies/attachments

Does Shotgun store any hash sums (sha1, md5, etc) of uploaded content? If so, is there any way to access these, or could they be made accessible through a read-only field?


+1 on this question. We’re looking into solutions for identifying redundant/duplicate media uploads, accounting for the possibility of changing file names. One option that occurred to us was storing md5 in a custom field (calculated and populated by an event trigger). But it occurs to us that S3 should also provide access to this hash via its api. Although it’s questionable whether the shotgun makes the requisite keys to access the S3 bucket available to users. Anyone out there had any success tackling this particular issue?

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pinging this again in case there’s anybody with a success story they wouldn’t mind sharing. I spent some time looking to see if the pre-signed urls for file entities contained any hash keys derived from the file or whether we could check the etags. No dice unfortunately. Surely this is a common problem with productions uploading gobs of media? Maybe everyone just collectively tolerates all the redundant data?

I would imagine S3 under the hood hashes files and does data deduplication to reduce it’s footprint?

Presumably @Ricardo_Musch, but as SG customers we’re locked out of those S3 buckets. It’s obfuscated away by design. We don’t have the needed credentials to access that data except for the pre-signed URLs that SG offers up.