Store and read extra user credentials with Shotgrid

Hi all,
I am currently building a custom Publish Tool in SG Desktop and the plan is for vendors to upload data to our S3 storage.
Is there a way to store the S3 credentials/keys on a per-vendor basis in Shotgrid? It’s ok for the vendor to see their own credentials even though it would be great if I could hide the keys and just pull them for the upload via the Shotgrid api.
I hope this makes sense.


Store them in 2 custom fields on the HumanUser entity?

Thank you Ricardo,
That would be my first idea as well but I’m not if this is safe.
Do you know if it’s possible to hide the field for other users on the “People” page or if it’s possible to create “password-type” fields?


Sorry I missed your message here.

In case its off help:

  1. You could encode the password strings with base64 so its not human readable.
    You could also encrypt them using some kind of codeword.

  2. I dont think Sg has password type fields.

  3. You can lock down the ability for certain permission groups to hide/unhide fields in the Web UI so that way you could kind of “hide” the fields from view.