Getting started -- auth request returns 404

Hey all,

I’m working through the ShotGrid REST API v1 docs. and trying to authenticate using OAuth 2.0 Password Credentials. In Postman, in both the Collection Authorization tab and the Get Access Token > Request access token tool, as well as in my app, I’m only getting back 404, Not Found. Pretty sure my host/username/password is all fine.

Am I missing something?

EDIT: When I make GET calls that do not require authentication (e.g. Get Open API Spec) they return fine, which is why I believe the host is correct.

In case anyone else encounters this problem, I was never able to get username/password auth working, and ended up going with “client_credentials” grant type that uses a client id and secret key. This method isn’t well documented in the general REST API docs, but is detailed in the Python API docs as “Script-based Authentication” here: Authentication — python-api master documentation.

Sounds possible that the authentication endpoint is incorrect. Do you get 404s when requesting that?

Can anyone confirm the correct endpoint? I also want to test out Postman, but I can’t get a working access token using either approach.

Ah got it working… I had a stray forward slash in the url.

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