FQDNs or IP Addresses required for login autodesk through a firewall

We are setting our firewall to reach autodesk login site to migrate ours accounts from Shotgrid.

So we need to know the FQDNs and IP addresses required.

We were trying with the following list but it does not work for us

Best Regards!!

Hi @Alejandro_Gutierrez

The list you cite should be correct, mainly the section that mentions Login, License Entitlement

Unfortunately, the IPs of these site do change. We do not have a fixed list, we just have the URLs.

Just to isolate the problem, and remove ShotGrid from the equation, can you do a test and report back on the results ?

  • Open a new Incognito or Private Browsing page (this to avoid any contamination from existing sessions/cookies/local storage)
  • Open the debugging tools, and select the Network tab
  • In the URL bar, enter https://profile.autodesk.com
  • try to log in, and see where the flow is blocked, the Network tab should indicate which URL(s) cannot be reached

You can use that information to update your firewall settings.

Hoping this helps,


Hi Patrick
Thanks for your answer, but don’t work, i have attached two images with the result of your suggest,

Hi @Alejandro_Gutierrez

May I suggest that you instead post the errors you are seeing when accessing https://profile.autodesk.com ?


  • the view shown from the browser’s window, e.g. what the end-user trying to login sees,
  • the web console content, which would show errors and elements which cannot be loaded,
  • the network tab, to see the calls that generate the errors

Again, I recommend using an incognito window, to properly isolate the test.