FQDNs and IPs

We used this page to navigate the site through a firewall. But with the switch to an Autodesk account, that’s not enough. Give a link to the new parameters, please

Hi @Degraund

The relevant documentation: ShotGrid ecosystem | ShotGrid | Autodesk Knowledge Network

The 2 last boxes have been added : *.autodesk.com and autodesk-prod.okta.com



Hi @patrick-hubert-adsk
If recursive is set to yes in the DNS server’s named.conf, the Autodesk login page will timeout.
If the recursion option is set to no, it connects properly, but I will not be able to use the existing internal resources.
This issue needs to be resolved urgently because the migration period is just around the corner.

Hi @sichoi

I am not a networking expert, far from it. I do not know what is this named.conf file that you are talking about.