Flame Shotgun quicktime transcoding

We are having trouble with the quicktimes and thumbnails that are uploaded to Shotgun from the Flame Shot Export app. They are not viewable inside the Shotgun web UI.

The online Shotgun documentation mentions how the transcoding options can be configured by modifying the settings.py hook. But like a lot of the other documentation online about the flame integration, it seems out of date, and the process does not match that the files that come with the latest shotgun flame apps.

I am refering to the documentation here…

It mentions settings in the settings.py (install/apps/app_store/tk-flame-export/va.b.c/hooks/settings.py) that relate to ffmpeg, but the version of the settings.py i have for the flame_export app (v1.9.3), contains no such setttings.

We are using Flame 2018.3.1.

Any ideas why we are not getting any playable media in shotgun? We do however get playable online media using the sequence submit for review, but not Shot Export


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Hey Liam,

Thanks for your question! We may need to dive into the specifics of your setup, and get some examples Versions that are being created by the tools. Could you submit a support request to support@shotgunsoftware.com and we’ll be able to work with you directly to troubleshoot?

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