Finding resources for XR software development workflow in Shotgun

I am looking to incorporate shotgun into our XR development workflow. I would love to hear how XR developers are using shotgun and integrating them with game engines such as Unreal and Unity. While I have found many great resources on the Shotgun website for films and games development, I haven’t found much about XR. It would be great if someone can point me to some XR related resources (videos/articles).


Hi @Moeezo,

Thanks for writing in. While our team isn’t expertly familiar with XR workflows, there are VR companies that do and have used our software to manage their production pipeline so we know it works! Anyone in the community familiar with XR workflows that might be able to offer some sage advice?


Hi Moeezo – This is specific to 360-degree view workflows, so I’m not sure it suits your needs, but I thought I’d mention the LatLong Viewer plugin for RV here, too.


This plugin is great. Thank you.