Finding - First and Last, Dates

Hi -

I am trying to build a query to add in a new Field; to find:

  • The Date the First Shot was Created on a Project
    (and then the Final Date)

When I run a Query for Shot; Date Created By:

I get a list of options: date is, date is not, date is before, date is after, etc…

But I don’t see an option for First / Earliest or Last / Latest.

Is there a way to get that?

For example - I get asked: “When did we really start on that show?”
and would like to have a few High Level queries with auto calculated dates

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Hi @frederick1972,

I’m assuming that your Query field is on the Project entity.

To get a field that will show the creation date of the first shot that was created for your project you could set up your field like so:

Essentially you are asking the field on the project to filter for any Shot that is linked to the Project. Of those shots, only a single one should be considered and we find that single shot by ordering by date created in ascending order and taking the first one. Finally, the cell will display the date at which the shot was created.

You could adjust this setup as you see fit if you’d like to sort or display by other dates.

For reference, here is our documentation on Query Fields.


Hi -

Wow very cool -

Thanks for the screengrab - that made duplicating your method very easy -

I did a test and got the info I was expecting -

Thanks again - very helpful and timely -