Derive Shot "Due Date" from combined sub task dates?

Hey Folks - We would like to automatically populate the “Due Date” field on the Shot or Asset entity with the last available due date from the tasks linked to it.

For example I have a shot called 001 that has a due date field.

Shot 001 has the following tasks:
roto - start date: jan 1 / end date: Jan 2
comp - start date: jan 3 / end date: Jan 4

Since the last task on shot 001 finishes on Jan 4th, I would like the “Due Date” field for shot 001 to be automatically set to Jan 4.

I feel like this should be simple, as the grey bar on the gannt chart already indicates the final due date for the combined tasks linked to the shot. I just don’t know how to query that data.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

You can do this as a Query field, but note that Query fields only contain a value as you are viewing the page, and won’t export values to csv/Excel/API


This is super useful, thanks for the tip! BTW it looks like Shotgrid now supports exporting queries via csv in a recent update. It worked for me.