Exposure/gain control and versions

Good afternoon.
Is there a way to adjust exposure in Shotgun Create, I have quite a few night shots to review/tech check and cant seem to find it.

Also is there a way to specify what task/file I want to compare to, for example I want to compare comp to the scan of the shot, or to three other shots in the same sequence.

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Hi Vadim, welcome to the community!

Currently, there is no way to adjust the image presentation of the player in Shotgun Create, other than to compare Versions with the difference mode. Thanks for letting us know that this is something you’d like to be able to adjust in your workflow.

While there is unfortunately nothing I can suggest to do this in Shotgun Create right now, you can launch the Version you are currently viewing in RV via the action menu (…) at the top left of the window, or via the context menu of any Version displayed in the panel to the right.

Regarding compare, Shotgun Create currently only facilitates comparing Version within the same Task. We have heard from many people like you that comparing outside of Tasks is something they’d really like to see and we’re actively looking into making it easier to do so in future.



Hi Christoph,
thank you for your response.
I see quite a potential for it, to quickly check and review the work our wonderful artists produce.
Although I can do all of these things using RV, Shotgun create feels more intuitive and responsive, plus it will save time for our line producers, where they wont need to create playlists, if i understand it correctly the process will be more automated and all it needs is a reviewers name assigned to the shot.

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