Compare Button not showing

Hi. Reviewing playlists in SG Create, the compare button is not showing for some shots. I can force enter in compare mode with key “c” and even browse other versions of the shot for the “A” slot, (not for “B”), but choosing a different version doesn´t update the “A” version to compare.


The compare button in Playlists (and elsewhere in the app) appears only on versions where a second version is available in the same task. You can open the Activity Stream to see if there is many different versions in the task.

If there are and you still not see the button, please let us know.



Thanks a lot for your quick answer Francisca. That is the behaviour of the button also on my end. It is unfortunate because many times we find it useful to compare i.e. the first version of “cleanup” animation with the last version of “blocking” (in different tasks), and it feels silly not being able to do it, when it is actually possible as soon as there are two versions of animation. Hopefully it is an easy fix! Cheers,

Ah, I see. We changed the version navigation some months ago and we did not revisit this. I’ll open a ticket reflecting this workflow.


Thanks Francisca, that would be very helpful.