Errors when I try adding multiple Site Pipeline COnfigurations

I’m wondering what causes this Error
Can’t enumerate pipeline configurations matching a specific id.

I get this error when I try to create multiple site Pipeline Configurations. I had one for Primary but then I wanted a Beta one a a Dev one. When they exist as Site Configurations I get this error and SG desktop is broken. However when I assign the Configurations to a Project, the error goes away and everything works again.
I don’t think this matters but they are all upload (distributed) pipeline configurations.

Do you have any settings in the descriptor fields?
Any settings in the plugin ID’s field?

no. they are all using uploaded configs. I had left the descriptor field empty. Do I need to add descriptors when I’m just using an uploaded config? I usually don’t.

No you don’t.

The error message sounds like somewhere you are telling it to only match a certain filter of pipeline configurations.

Hard to tell what’s going on without some logs.