Shotgun desktop trying to use incorrect pipeline configuration

Hi everyone,

We have 5 pipeline configurations and a user was configured to one of these ones (I used my own user to do this test). This specific pipeline configuration doesn’t have a descriptor configuration only a zip file (uploaded_config field), but, for any reason, the shotgun desktop is trying to use another pipeline configuration, being that my user was configured only for this specific pipeline configuration.
The tk-desktop reported:
tk-desktop.log (186.4 KB)

What I doing wrong or what I need to do to solve that?

Thank you!

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It is possible you haven’t set the plugin_id field?

Hi @jfboismenu!
All pipeline configurations have the same plugin_id, and that is “Basic.*”. In this case, which plugin_id should I use? Could you explain more details about this field? I don’t how it really works.
Gabriel Valderramos

Hi guys,
I have some news about this problem. I think I found a workaround…

I renamed the pipeline configurations so that the one I wanted to start first, got the smaller id. I think the bootstrap sees the first pipeline configuration that I can use, but I think it could have some fallback architecture so that allows trying the other Pipeline Configurations when found some error. Don’t you think? Because if this way, the Shotgun Desktop only shows the error and close it…It doesn’t allow the user to try another pipeline configuration when got an error.

One other idea is the Shotgun Desktop login has a Combobox with all pipeline configurations and allows the user to try one specific.

Thanks again!

First, I’d like to confirm that yes, Toolkit does use the pipeline configuration id when sorting through many pipeline configurations. When there are multiple site configurations assigned to the same user for example, the one with the lowest pipeline configuration id will be used, to guarantee the same behaviour launch after launch.

For plugin_id, this is a setting that we put in too early during the design of Toolkit, which ends up always having to be set to basic.* due to being a half-baked feature. We regret putting it in, but removing it at this point might introduce side effects in the pipeline configuration logic, as some people are clearing this field on purpose to disable pipeline configurations when testing things.

I’ll make a separate post that details then pipeline configuration selection logic.