Episode in Screening Room


Is it possible to see the Episodes in Rv Screening Room? How should I configure this?



Hi @Alefeve,

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting it here. Unfortunately, the Screening Room navigation is baked in, can’t configure it at all. But yes, it’s a reasonable request. You could submit it as a feature request via our Roadmap Portal.



Hi @Alefeve ,
Like Ben said, Episodes aren’t directly viewable as entities, but you can select a whole episode of shots;
[Bottom left “Home” section] Project -> Shots -> Episode title (don’t click on the little arrow)

This will load all episode shots into the browser, you can then right click above the Thumbnails and select “Play all in timeline”.

Another alterntive if available to you - Playlists can be created by pipeline scripts - Triggered by EventWatcher when an update is made, that way you always have an up to date “episode” entity in the form of a playlist.


Hi @Pmack,

I don’t have any Episode title when browsing [Bottom left “Home” section] Project -> Shots/

I was hoping for a more direct solution but yes, we could use playlists.


I am also having this issue, and it seems like a pretty big flaw in Screening Room. I want to be able to pick a shot in an episode. Project> Episode > Shot.

Add another vote for this idea, as I’m rather embarrassed when this came up today to assume we’d have some control over this and now see that not only is it known it doens’t work this way, but that we have no ability to change it. If we are managing 60 episodes, viewing all shots accross the whole show and filtering episodes on the right is going to be painful.

It’s bad enough that one show decided to not have sequences so that their entire show was under a single sequence. You have both structures in shotgun, why not offer them in screening room?

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For anyone who follows up, this is definitely on our radar and has been logged as feature request. Feel free to submit it as a IDEA via our Roadmap Portal with your use case, if you think a configurable entity hierarchy in RV content browser is helpful.

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Hi Ben, I did also submit as an Idea to the portal the same day I posted this, Sept 22. I’ve no idea how to see all submissions to find a specific ticket number. The only email I got as well seemed to be the one to confirm my email which I did, but then never got anything else regarding my submission.

Let me know if it isn’t there and I’ll submit again.