Engine tk-maya cannot initialize when launching File Open after opening a scene


In Maya, after using Maya’s File > Open Scene to open a workfile that was created with ShotGrid Save (tk-multi-workfiles2), there is an error message starting with “Engine tk-maya cannot initialize” when opening File Open (tk-multi-workfiles2).

This can be reproduced with vanilla tk-config-default2 v1.5.0.

Reproduction steps:

  • Launch Maya 2022 from ShotGrid Desktop
  • ShotGrid > File Open
  • Open a New File on a Shot’s Task (ex: “Shots” > Sequence name > Shot name> “Layout” > “Layout” > “+ New File”)
  • Save the File with ShotGrid menu (ShotGrid > File Save… > Save)
  • Close Maya
  • Launch Maya 2022 from ShotGrid Desktop
  • Close ShotGrid’s File Open dialog if it opens on launch
  • File > Open Scene… > Open the scene that was previously saved with SG (do not open it with SG File Open)
  • ShotGrid > File Open
  • You get the error message

If you go to the “Shots” tab and then back to the “My Tasks” tab, the error message is not present anymore. If you close and reopen File Open, there is a different error message: “SG Workfiles hasn’t been setup.”